This page was produced as an assignment for Genetics 677 at UW-Madison, Spring 2010

Protein Homology

This tree was the result of  the protein sequence run on the Blast explorer on It originally came up with the top 100 hits, but I narrowed it down to the top 40 shown here. The red bars show the alignment score of each hit, with the highest score of greater than or equal to 200 being shown in red. All of this top 40, and even all of the top 100 hits, which even included different members of the FGFR family in other animal species, have a red score bar. These high scores show how highly conserved this protein is, both in other animals as well as within its protein family.
One discord in this tree is how P. troglodytes (chimpanzees) are separated from everything else. Looking into the protein sequence for the species in the construction of the tree showed that the sequence is just the predicted sequence. I would speculate that this is the reason that it is so dissimilar from the other, known sequences.
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