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Protein Interaction Network

The protein interaction network for human FGFR3 from String:
This string shows that the FGFR3 protein interacts with a number of FGF substrates. However, none of these FGFs are indcated on the String website as being involved with bone formation. It would be interesting to research which specific FGF is involved in binding FGFR3 to repress bone ossification.
This is the expanded interaction network:
FGFR3 is shown in red in the bottom left corner. I have placed the other FGFR receptors in the other three corners. Proteins involved in the inner cellular response like GRB2, SHH, BMP4 and SDC4 are lined up on the right side of the image, while all of the FGF substrates are arranged in the middle.
This image shows how interconnected all of the FGFR receptors are, and that one receptor can bind with several receptors and vice versa. This would make any drug targeting of just FGFR3 without affecting any other FGFR pathways very difficult.

FGFR Signaling Pathway

The basic pathway by which an FGFR receptor in the plasma membrane functions. In the extracellular portion of the protein, Heparan Sulfate aids in the binding of an fibroblast growth factor (FGF). This binding causes the tyrosine kinase, located in the intracellular portion of the cell, to phosphorylate substrates and induce an intracellular signaling pathway.
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